Men's 3 for $14 1/3 oz. Roll on Body Oils

We will only honor if you pick 3 in qty.
Retail Price:$64.50 ($60.00 exc VAT)
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1/3 oz. roll on's
"Made Simple And Now Explained"Men's 3 for $14 + sales tax. You can only get this deal when you add 3 items to your cart,it can be individual designers one by one. As long as it adds up to 3 in quantity.Or you can purchase 3 of the same item.Remember 3 oils for $14 no more or less just add 3 and your checkout price will be 15.03.Only select oils that are priced at $4.66 in this deal,niche fragrances are not included in this deal.If you order less than 3 we will refund your money,If you order more than 3 we will refund your money.No Exceptions, These Are The Rules......... Thank you!!!!!!!! You can mix and match with women and unisex, just make sure it's 12.

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